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Masters Exhibit Features the Works of D Loren Champlin

Las Vegas, NV, USA, Feb 20, 2010 - Apr 4, 2010

The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art proudly exhibits the works of D. Loren Champlin in their International Contempory Masters exhibit Feb 20, 2010- Avr 4, 2010.  The exhibition will join together and celebrate the work of groundbreaking artists from around the world, who are paving the way in innovation and technique. The show will run from February 20 through April 4

"My goal is to capture not only the image, but the feel of the moment where subject and emotion merge into one.  It is calculated chaos resulting in harmony," says the artist D. Loren Champlin.  His work is often compared to the works of Edvard Munch which plays a strong influence in his style and perception; however, it has a unique flair of strong use of color and bold brushstrokes making him one of the masters of our time.  All works are done by hand, from the gesso applied to the linen to the finishing touches of varnishing and framing.

The artworks by D. Loren Champlin to be exhibited include:  The Torrent of the Sea, a bold turbulent artwork of a sea kayaker off the coast of Maine; The Lighthouse of Maine, a very warm piece filled with bright reds and oranges of a lighthouse around Rockland, Maine; and The Music of New Orleans, a celebration of jazz and of memories of the first journey the artist took with his beloved wife, beginning with a sketch and a dream of passion and love.  All works on display are for sale and can be purchased thru the museum.

Artists from 21 Countries around the world are participating, including:


Amira deMaistre

Dimitris Dimas

Joseph Virgone

Mitsuyo Moore

Amy Cohen Banker

Donna Butnik

Katrin Alvarez

Pegi Smith

Andrea Amelung

Firestone Robert

Lawrence Knorr

Prakash bal Joshi

Blanca ruth Casanova

Gary Trujillo

Mae Jeon

Sari Haapaniemi

Blu Smith

Gun Mattsson

Margaret LaBounty

Shahla Rosa

Buda Balasz

Ingrid Stiehler

Marie Claude Bosc

Steel Gregory

Caroline Tabac - Shank

Ioanna Voskou

Marie Perrakis

Tamara Tarasiewicz

Champlin Loren


Marie Theophilou

Tatjana Mihailova

Cojocaro Myriam

Jean Pierre Brustier

Mario Sepulcre

Vania Stefou

Darren Saravis

Jeannette Berndsen

Meli Calkins

Vasiliki Kolipetsa

Debbi Smith Rourke

John Weeronga Bartoo

Miriam Libhaber

Vickie Newington



The exhibition starts February 20 and ends April 4 Curator: Despina Tunberg

Address: Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts

450 Fremont St., Las Vegas NV 89101

Neonopolis Center

Tel: 702 382 2926

Members Reception: February 20, 2010 from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

welcome to the bold works of D. Loren Champlin

portrait of an artistArtist: D. Loren Champlin Location: Maine USA


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